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IF you dont know, Its Ok you can post anykinda of game Batman,Zelda,Sonic Whatever!

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What to do??Edit

Chat,Edit and Post all of you ACNLM about what you know about animal crossing.

ALso im CarsonClover10 ,im the owner of this Wikia and as owner i have a few things

1. No fake info Please or You will be banned from chat for 2 hours.

2. you dont have to play animal crossing to use this wikia, just post what you know about AC city folk or wild world or new leaf

3.Be nice and


4. Have fun!!

5. Talk about everything you want to talk about.

6. Spam is not a problem unless it been posted 3-5 times

7.Spam for more then 5 time or 4 will be 2 hour ban, for 6 and 7 will be Day ban, if you been asked nicely to stop and refuse will result in Weekly, Monthly or Year ban.

8. Cussing may be allowed as Long as it not common.

9. Since, ACNL is a kidish game, Talk to The Founder for People who are "Underaged" and wont be see until further notice.

10. Asking for Admin is not tolerated.

11. To be Admin you must meet the details:

1. Been on the chat for more then 6 months

2. Must be nice

3.You will be voted on for admin when me think you are ready.

12: Do post on Founders or Admins wall if you got banned or kicked randomly.

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I have this

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